Welcome to Santa Maria del Mar Catholic  Church!

It is through your presence; Santa Maria del Mar is able to provide compelling 
educational programs, invaluable Outreach services, rewarding volunteer opportunities, and spiritual nourishment for all.  We would be delighted if you would consider sharing your time and talents within the Santa Maria del Mar community.

Many visitors or new members ask, “Why the term, Member?” instead of the common term, “parishioner.” This Membership language is intentional. No, you are not joining an elite club and no, there really aren’t member perks. However, you are choosing your spiritual home. You are choosing to pray with us, serve with us, and provide your generous gifts with us. You are choosing this sacred place as your spiritual home. We entrust the Mission of  Santa Maria del Mar to its Members.

Our current generation of members joins with those of the past in striving to build an experience of Church that is genuinely welcoming, mission oriented, and Christ centered. We welcome men and women, people of all races and ethnicity,  young and old. We welcome rich and poor, searchers and seekers, Catholics and people of other religious traditions. We are gifted by your presence.

If you are ready to become a Member of Santa Maria del Mar, please pick up a Registration Form in the Gathering Space and return to the Parish Office.

If you have any question please contact the Parish Office at (386) 439-2791

Parish Membership SingUp Form