The Catholic Church believes that God is the author of marriage. Therefore, marriage is not just a human institution despite the many civil, social and cultural structures that are placed upon the union of a man and woman. Marriage is a sacrament that “bears the imprint of God’s love.

Thus, when a marriage is celebrated in the community of faith — the Church — the man and woman who become husband and wife state publicly that they wish to cooperate with God in being a sign of His love for all the world.

Santa Maria del Mar Catholic Church also offers marriage preparation assistance through the Marriage Sponsor Couple Ministry. Through this program, Pat & Jacque Mulvihill work closely with couples in the exciting and graced time of marriage preparation.

Newly engaged couples must contact Cari Anne Carrube at the Parish Office at least 8 months prior to their wedding date to ensure church availability and to begin the required marriage preparation courses. Cari Anne will help with the initial stages of fulfilling the Church’s requirements for a Christian Marriage.

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Cari Anne Carrube

Parish Office

(386) 439-2791