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Our Vision & Mission

We, the Catholic community of Santa Maria del Mar commit ourselves to living the Four Pillars of Gospel Stewardship . . . Hospitality, Prayer, Formation, and Service as we respond wholeheartedly to God’s love with courage, creativity, and compassion.

We Welcome . . .

People of all faiths and all races. Divorced or separated persons. Families with children. Homeless persons. Loving relationships. Married couples. Single persons. Those in recovery. Travelers: far and near. Widows and widowers. Visitors.

We Celebrate . . .

Diversity. A spirit of hospitality. The unity that God wills. Enlightening those who seek God. Forming small faith communities. Reaching out to alienated Catholics. Reverencing the dignity of each person. Caring for the needs of the less fortunate. Empowering Christians to realize their call. Honoring understanding among all faiths. Nurturing our gifts and sharing them. Supporting the arts through concerts. Pursuing new ways to serve. Being a good neighbor.

We Seek . . .

To live the Gospel of Jesus Christ . To gather the community and tell the story. To break the bread and share the cup. We treasure our past. We hope in the future.